Directed by Jamil Gaspar

Music by Juliana Venter and Joseph Suchy


With Billie Hanne and Hacapella


Editor : Mira Matthew

Cinematographer : Edouard Outters

Producer : Jamil Gaspar

Partners : Abyssal Process, Shimera Films, ChevalDeuxTrois


Assistant director : Paul-Emile Baudour, Sara El-Azrak

Focus puller : Sylvestre Vannoorenberghe

Casting : Jacques Lemaire

Equipment : Manu Dacosse

Dog trainer : Sophie Lefebvre


Singer : Juliana Venter

Guitarist : Joseph Suchy

Overdubs and electronic arrangements : Gerald Weitenhagen

Production and mixing : Joseph Suchy

Mastering : Monoposto and JS

Copyright Jamil Gaspar ©2017